I am publishing this blog in response to my poem:

There are so many questions
I wish I’d asked my parents.
There are so many questions
I wish my kids would ask me.

Someday when they wish they had asked me a questions, I hope that they will find the answer here.

I leave it to you whether any of this is of any interest to anyone other than my family.

As a septuagenarian, I know that my memory may be failing. I used to describe my sister as having a memory so good that she could remember things that hadn’t even happened. It may run in the family. I have not knowingly entered any falsehood, but an old man’s imagination may have obscured his recollections. In any  event, I hope there are some good stories here.


About danielcfischer

Loyola School in NYC, Georgetown University, Shrader Sound, ACF Electronics, National Staffing Consultants, Univac, Applied Data Research, Western Union, Wells Fargo, Prometheus Products, Access Master, GasTech, Lawrence Livermore
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