Consummate Loaf

Consummate Loaf (4/21/2010)

When I was a senior in High School we took the Scholarship Aptitude Tests to get into college. I don’t remember what I got on the general test but I got a 770 on the math side. Soon after the results came in Father Guterl accosted me in the hall outside his office and said “I have always thought it and now I know it. You are a Consummate Loaf.” That conversation has stayed with me for over 50 years. I’m not sure if I am ashamed or proud of it. In some ways I agree and in some I disagree. I have worked hard all my life but I have goofed off and not done what I should have done many times. One of my favorite pictures of Ivan Albright, which I have hung in my office, is titled “That which I should have done I did not do.”

I will leave it up to you.

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Loyola School in NYC, Georgetown University, Shrader Sound, ACF Electronics, National Staffing Consultants, Univac, Applied Data Research, Western Union, Wells Fargo, Prometheus Products, Access Master, GasTech, Lawrence Livermore
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