On Kidney Stones



As of May 2010 I have had a total of 6 kidney stones that I know of.  They have all been different. In June of 1970 I was experiencing the stress of a marital separation. The first Kidney stone came on me with no warning and was a constant pain for five days while I was drugged with Demerol in the Albany Hospital. In the middle of the last night I felt a very sharp and sudden pain and then relief. The next time I peed the tiny rock came out and I went home to recover from the drugs. A week or two later the second stone arrived. I was moving from one house to the other and didn’t have time for another hospital stay. I bound my sides with moving tape and carried boxes of books down the stairs. During one such load the stone broke loose and the shooting pain had me almost throw a fifty pound box through the ceiling. But the stone was gone and so was the pain. The third stone snuck up on me over the next several months. It never caused real pain just slight discomfort and a strange sensation when I urinated. In September I made an appointment with my doctor to talk about it. The day before the appointment as I was peeing in the morning I heard a plink in the toilet and felt a strange shot in my urine stream. There at the bottom of the toilet was a stone a little larger than an eighth of an inch long. It was shaped like a Rice Krispie.


The fourth stone came and went in one day. I think it was about June of 1998. It hit at night. By the next noon it was unbearable. I went to Alta Bates Hospital in Berkeley and they gave me some morphine (I think). An hour or two later I passed the stone and was back in shape in a day or two. I don’t recall any specific stress at the time.


In September 2007 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma and around April 2008 with Prostate Cancer. I don’t recall the specific details but over a period of one or two weeks the kidney stone pain came and went. I was treated with Toridol several times and on a Wednesday had Lithotripsy.  The pain continued until Saturday when I passed some pieces of the stone.


Starting in February of 2010 I have been getting chemotherapy for the lymphoma. In March I had an intestinal blockage that required emergency surgery that removed some six inches of my small intestine. This was a week after my second infusion. A CT scan showed “nonobstructing calculi” in each kidney. A month later after my third infusion I felt that old familiar kidney stone pain for a day or two, not as intense as I had experienced before but anything but pleasant. Then it went away. Three weeks later it came back with a bang. My GP suggested Vicodin and if that didn’t work the emergency room. It didn’t work. But while I was in the ER the pain subsided. The next day I had several hours of pain that made all the other Kidney pain seem slight. I have never hurt so badly. And then it went away. Three weeks later it has all come back. Tylenol seems to take the edge off but the pain is persistent and is wearing me out.


This had been going on long enough that I personalized the stones and gave them names. My granddaughter, Caitlin drew them for me. Sidney and Sheila are pictured below.

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