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Loyola School in NYC, Georgetown University, Shrader Sound, ACF Electronics, National Staffing Consultants, Univac, Applied Data Research, Western Union, Wells Fargo, Prometheus Products, Access Master, GasTech, Lawrence Livermore

OLLI I.T. Training

To see my latest addition to the Information on OLLI’s Information Technology go to my  other website:    

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On Prayer

I have been writing an essay ‘On Prayer’ on and off for several years. It is not finished, so I am not ready to publish it. But, I am willing to share the current draft that is stored in DropBox. … Continue reading

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On Overcoming Phobias

When I was very young, about ten years old, I spent the summer at Camp Ropioa near Harrison, Maine. One day I caught and was playing with a snake. It didn’t like being held by a big monster. So, it … Continue reading

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Communicating For the Results You Want

In 1981 I wrote a book which was a compilation of various classes and lectures. I have updated it and made it into a PDF file. I would appreciate any comments you may have. You are welcome to download it … Continue reading

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This I believe, I think

This I believe, I think! The ground under me is flat and solid. I see the sun and moon rise and set and travel across the sky. Astronomy and physics and chemistry tell us about the world. Tho their conclusions … Continue reading

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The Crazy Mud Caper

The Crazy Mud Caper I’m seventy-three years old and should know better! It was late in the season, late September. Kate and Lon were visiting for some R&R and theater. Saturday afternoon nothing was scheduled and the weather was warm and … Continue reading

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My Sentimental Journey Part 5

Day 28: Thursday: Geneseo, IL to Omaha, NE: First thing in the morning I checked the damage I had done to the Air-conditioner and the roof. It was bad! The A/C was totally destroyed and it had jammed a hole … Continue reading

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